The Scanning

TS-ΕξώφυλλοMy first English story is The Scanning and it is published under my foreign pen name, N. Z. Kraime. It’s an edited and translated version of the original version called Η Σάρωση. Since it is a very short story, I decided to publish it for free.

Publishing date: May 14th 2013
Book title: The Scanning
World: The Paneia Multiverse
Genre: Science Fiction
Language: English
Cover design: Tatiana Angelidou

Synopsis: Every day somebody on the planet dies because of the Scanning. As long as anyone on Samna can remember, the strange phenomenon that scans everything on its way, once per day, has been the planet’s nightmare virtually forever. Over the centuries, Samnyans learned to live with it. Scientists were always either too busy looking for ways to counter it, or were too afraid of the issue to take their research on it any further. When Teftkra finally manages to detect the source of the Scanning’s signal, it does not take her long to go exploring and, ultimately, facing an unexpected truth.